The Ultimate Downsizing Checklist

The Ultimate Downsizing Checklist

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Latest News

Moving to a smaller space means scaling down on possessions and adopting a new way of life. As challenging as downsizing is, it does offer several benefits, from simplifying your lifestyle and reducing clutter to saving money. 

In this article, we will share the ultimate downsizing checklist. This checklist will help you streamline your move. 

Plan Ahead As Soon As Possible 

Try planning for the move well in advance to give yourself enough time to complete each task. We recommend starting a few months before your move. During this time, you can comb through every item to decide what to keep, donate, and throw away. 

Take Inventory and Categorise Your Belongings 

The first step to downsizing is taking inventory of all your belongings before decluttering. 

Categorise these belongings into different piles. Consider having a category for significant, must-keep items, another for items you are getting rid of, and a final category for things you still aren’t sure about keeping. 

Get Rid of Duplicate Items 

Downsizing creates the perfect opportunity to get rid of duplicate items and reduce clutter. Doing so also frees up storage space, giving you a chance to bring items you are unsure about keeping. 

Measure Your Furniture 

Few things are more frustrating than moving into a new home only to find that your furniture does not fit the space. 

One way to avoid this outcome is to measure the furniture you plan to take. Then, measure the dimensions of the rooms in your new space. These measurements will help you determine the furniture you can relocate. 

It also helps to plan how you will get rid of unsuitable or unwanted furniture. For instance, if you want to donate the furniture to charity, reach out to your charity of choice beforehand.

Go Digital 

Files and papers can waste a significant amount of space. Fortunately, by scanning documents and receipts, you can store them as digital files. You can also convert your photos into digital files along with home movies. 

Going digital allows you to preserve memories and valuable documents. It also frees up additional storage space in your home. 

Your Trusted Property Managers 

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