Tenant FAQ

Looking To Rent

If I'm under 18 can I still rent through you?

Definitely! You will need to have a legal guardian or parent as a guarantor and they will be required to complete the mandatory application process as well as you.

What is the typical lease period?
The most common lease terms are six or 12 months. However, there is no restriction on the lease term you can offer. A 12-month lease allows you to build a more stable relationship with your tenants, which may encourage them extend the lease. Many may shy away from longer leases that lock them into a contract.
Does my rent include the cost of utilities?
Usually utilities are not included in your rental amount. You are responsible for paying your rent and all outgoing utilities when you lease a rental property including any connection fees. It is also your responsibility as the tenant to connect your utilities, including water, gas, electricity and any other you may require at your cost. A small number of rental properties do have outgoings included however this will be spelt out in marketing and is usually in boarding houses or shared accommodation.
Who pays for water usage - the tenant or owner?
You the tenant if you property is water compliant
How does the application process work?
Once you have submitted your application and all supporting documents required, we will keep you updated via SMS/email as it progresses to each stage in the process. After we have done all of the necessary checks, your application will be presented to the Landlord for a final decision.
Why is my application not being processed?
As a rule, we will not begin processing your application until we have all of the necessary documents provided. If you submit your application and it is missing some information (i.e. one of the other applicants hasn’t submitted their application or you still need to provide your payslips etc.), we will send you an SMS/email ‘more info is required’. Please call our office asap to confirm when you will be providing us with the additional info.
How long does it take for you to tell me if my application has been successful or not?
Depending on the number of applications we receive for the property, we aim to give you a final decision within 2 – 5 days. Waiting on additional information or references to get back to us is the main reason why processing your application may take longer.
What can I do to help my application get processed as quickly as possible?
There are a number of checks that need to be done for your application so be sure to include all of the items on the check list in the application form and notify your references to expect our call.

If your situation is a complicated one and you believe that the application form does not ask questions you may wish to answer we encourage you to submit a cover letter with your application.

Why do you require 100 points of ID?
Points are allocated to the types of documentary proof of identity. Active Agents Hervey Bay requires at least 100 points of certified identification to be submitted with your application.

By us requiring 100 points in ID we are able to know beyond reasonable doubt that the individual applying for the premises and the person moving into the house is one in the same..

Who should I contact about renting one of your properties?
You can call our office during business hours for answers to any questions relating to any of the properties we have available for lease.

Alternatively, you can send an enquiry through the online advertisement of the property you are interested in.

Tenant FAQ

During Tenancy

How do I pay my rent?
At the beginning of your tenancy you are sent a profile link to set up with managed which explains how you are to pay your rent and includes your personal payment details. You can also set up a direct debit method through your internet banking and those options can be found after you set up your profile.
What does ‘in arrears’ mean?
As agreed in your lease, your rent is due on a particular day each month. If your rent is not paid by this day, you are considered to be ‘in arrears’. This is a serious matter and means you are breaking the terms of your lease. Not only are you causing financial hardship for your landlord, you are also establishing a negative rental history for yourself which could make it difficult for when you apply for future rentals.

Once you are ‘in arrears’ you will be sent correspondence from your property manager daily, these may include but are not limited to; phone calls, text messages and letters.

In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, if you allow your rent to reach 14 days in arrears your property manager will serve you with a ‘notice to vacate’.

What if I can’t pay my rent on time?
We all have times when money is tight or people let us down however if you know your rent is due and you are not going to be able to pay it in time, please call or email your property manager immediately. If you have a good history of paying on time, your property manager and landlord may show more understanding if you communicate your issue as soon as it arises. If your circumstances have changed i.e. you lost your job, got sick, separated etc. which is going to affect your rental payments for a period of time, there may be some options to help like a payment plan etc. The most important thing is that you keep communicating with your property manager.
Can I have friends or family stay over?
In a rental property, the only people who should be staying at the property are those listed on the lease and any children originally listed on your approved application. If however, you are planning to have friends or family stay at the property with you (for more than 3 weeks), please notify your property manager and provide certified photo ID for each person.

Although this may seem invasive, if something was to go wrong i.e. a fire at the property, we need to know who was at the property to notify authorities.

If you wish for any friends or family to move into the property more permanently, please advise your property manager immediately before asking them to do so, as you require permission prior to the move in. This person may be required to formally ‘Apply’ for the property, as you did prior to your tenancy.

Can I add new plants in the gardens of the property?
According to your lease, it is in expectation that you maintain the property at the same or higher standard that you first leased it in. This includes regularly maintaining and watering the gardens including the trees and shrubs, mowing the lawn and removing all garden rubbish from the property. If any plants at the property die during your lease it is expected that you replace them with the same or similar. If the lawns dies it is expected that you lay lawn seed and re-establish the lawn to its original condition.

If you wish to plant additional plants in the gardens, please email your property manager detailing which plants and where you wish to plant them. This will need to be approved by the landlord prior to you making any changes.

Can I get additional keys/garage remotes for the property?
In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 you will be provided with at least one set of keys/remotes for the property at the beginning of your lease. You are permitted to make copies of these keys at your own expense, however you are expected to provide the additional copies back to Active Agents Hervey Bay at the completion of your tenancy.

Should you want a master key or remote ie you live in apartment block, you will need to request this by emailing your property manager. Once they are received, you will be sent an invoice for payment.

Are my possessions covered by my Landlord’s insurance?
The owner will not be liable or responsible for loss or damages to articles or property belonging to the tenant. It is advised that the tenant maintain contents Insurance for their personal belongings.
What do I do if I break or damage something at the property?
Please call or email your property manager immediately. We understand that mistakes and accidents happen and we expect some fair wear and tear however it’s better that you notify us instead of us noticing it at an inspection.

The damage may be covered by the landlord’s insurance policy, which may mean you might only have to pay the excess amount. Should it not be covered by insurance, Active Agents Hervey Bay works with a range of fantastic tradesmen who are not only reliable, but they give us great rates.

Can I get a pet?
Every property and landlord is different. Some landlords are happy for pets to live at the property so long as the tenant takes full responsibility for any damage, other landlords are not.

If at the time of your original application you did not have any pets and are now hoping to get one, you must seek permission from your property manager prior to acquiring the pet; this should include the type, breed, age, sex and size of the pet. If you are approved for a pet, your property manager will draw up an agreement which you will be required to sign prior to the pet moving into the property.

If you are not approved for a pet and obtain one at the property anyway, this will be in breach of your lease agreement and will have repercussions.

What happens if I lose my keys or lock them in the property?
Office hours – you can collect the office set and return them to us within the hour. Identification will be required.

After hours – you will be required to contact a locksmith at your own cost.

What happens when my lease expires?
When your lease is nearing its end, we will contact you to ask if you would like to enter into a new lease. If you do want a new lease, we will confirm this with your landlord and if all parties agree we will prepare the new leases for you to sign. It is at this point you may be notified of a potential rent increase.
What if I need to move out before the end of my lease?
Sometimes things happen and a tenant needs to move out of a property before their current lease has expired ie got a job overseas or interstate, went through a marriage breakdown, has serious health issues etc. This is known as a ‘Lease Break’. In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act and your lease agreement special conditions, you are required to:
– Give us written notice of your intention to break your lease
– Pay rent up until the lease ends or until the new tenants lease commences (whichever comes first), even if you have physically vacated the property prior to that date.
– Pay a break lease fee of the equivalent to 1 weeks’ rent + GST and a advertising fee of $125.00
– Notify us of a date you will be vacating the property so we can prepare it ready for re-leasing

If you know someone who wishes to lease the property, they are required to complete the application process as normal. You can discuss this with your property manager in more detail, however it is important that you understand there is no guarantee that this application will be approved.

What is a Condition Report and how does it relate to my tenancy?
Active Agents Hervey Bay is required to complete a thorough inspection of the property prior to the beginning of your tenancy noting in detail the condition of the property including any damage cited and photos of the property and all items at the property. This condition report will in turn be used for your final inspection to ensure you have returned the property back to the landlord in its original condition.

As required by legislation, at the time you collect your keys, you will be given two copies of the prepared condition report, along with a CD containing the condition report photos. The condition report marked ‘copy’ and the photos is intended for you to retain for your records.

The original copy of the condition report is the one that you must check over and make any required amendments or additions to; you have 3 business days to return this back to our office.

We recommend you go through the property before you move any personal belongings in. If you agree with our comments you don’t need add any additional comments. If you notice something we haven’t mentioned or you disagree with our comments, put your comments in the ‘tenant comments’ column of the relevant area and category.

If you fail to return the amended condition report to our office within the allocated time frame (3 business days) the original condition report will be declared as true and correct.

Steps your should take when the safety switch trips off
Step 1.

Correctly identify the safety switch. They are commonly larger, should be marked “safety switch” and are different in that only safety switches have a test button.

Attempt to reset safety switch ie. Switch back “ON”

– safety switch won’t reset (go to step 2)

– safety switch resets OK (go to step 5)

Step 2.

Switch “OFF” AND UNPLUG ALL appliances from power points.


The safety switch can still detect faulty appliances if they are plugged in and switched off.

Step 3.

Turn “OFF” all other circuit breakers and main switches

Attempt to reset the safety switch first ie. Switch back “ON”

If the safety switch will not reset there may be other appliances which have not been UNPLUGED. Items like the range hood, dishwasher and outside power points for example. (return to step 2)

The safety switch resets (got to step 4)

Step 4.

Turn “ON” the main switches followed by the other circuit breakers one at a time.

If only one circuit breaker appears to effect the safety switch, leave this circuit breaker switched off and contact an Electrician.

Step 5.

Monitor safety switch and if trips persist return to step 1

Ensure you plug back in your fridges/freezers and anything else that may require power immediatly.

Otherwise leave all the appliances unplugged and only plug appliances in as you require them. This will help you to identify which appliance is causing the fault.

If you have completed the above and still unable to find the fault lodge your maintenance through go.managedapp.com.au or email info@activeagents.com.au

Tenant FAQ

Ending a Tenancy

My lease hasn't finished, but I want to move out. What do I do?
If you need to vacate your property before the expiry of the tenancy agreement, you will need to complete a Notice to Vacate form as well as follow our Break Lease terms, in order to notify your agent in writing. As stated in your tenancy agreement, you will be responsible for the payment of rent until a new tenancy commences or the agreement expires
When (and how) do I get my bond back?
Once you have moved out of your property, we will conduct a Exit Inspection to assess the condition of your property. If everything meets the requirements, we will submit the bond claim to the Residential Tenancy Authiorty who will release your bond money and return this to you via bank transfer.
My lease is about to end. Do I need to tell you if I don't wish to renew the lease?
Yes. You will still need to complete a Notice to Vacate even if your tenancy agreement is at an end.
Why do I need to pay the last 2 weeks rent? Didn’t I pay a 2 weeks rent in advance when I moved in?
You paid your 2 weeks rent when you signed your lease. As agreed in your lease agreement, you are required to pay your rent in advance each week. The date your rent is due is the 1st day of the next rent cycle for that week. You must pay rent up to and including your final vacating date.
What is a final inspection and how does it work?
Once you have given notice, your property manager will arrange a time to meet you at the property for your final inspection to compare the property condition to when your tenancy began. We expect some fair wear and tear however will look for visible signs of damage and also check that the property is cleaned to a standard expected in your lease agreement.

Your property manager will discuss with you any items requiring your additional attention. At this time you will also be asked to provide a receipt for carpet cleaning or any other special requirements ie flee spraying (if you had a pet at the property) etc.

The Active Agent

Owner FAQ’s

What weekly rental income can I expect from my property?
It is not possible to estimate the rent you can charge without appraising your property. The factors that affect a property’s rental value include location, space, amenities, the condition of your property, landscaping, washing and drying facilities, provision for allowing pets, etc.
Can I increase the rent in the middle of a lease period?
The rental rate set in the contract will hold throughout the lease term unless there a special provision allowing a rent increase in your tenancy agreement. If not, at the end of the term, you must provide tenants a written notice of the intended increase. The notice period varies from state to state.
Can I expect tenants to default on their rent?
We conduct a background check to qualify only trustworthy prospective tenants. Still, there is a small window of possibility that one or two tenants may pose problems. The issue of bad tenants is often seen in poorly managed and maintained properties. Our experienced property managers go the extra mile to ensure that you don’t face this problem.
What if my tenant does not pay on time?
It is inevitable that some tenants may find it challenging to pay rent at some point during their tenancy. We have strategies and systems in place to effectively manage this risk.
What happens at the end of the lease?
At the end of the lease, you have the option to renew the lease or you can request the tenant to vacate. Landlords typically tend to extend the lease when their experience with tenants has been smooth and fruitful.
Which Is Best: Open For Inspections Or Private Viewings?
Open inspections used to be considered a mandatory part of renting any property, but are now not quite as common as they used to be. In an open inspection, a specific time and date is set for prospective tenants to drop by and walk through the property for a viewing. This event is publicly advertised so that interested tenants can plan ahead and arrive with questions. The downside to this type of viewing is that it opens up the doors of your property to anyone who wishes to come through without you or your property manager having much idea of who is attending.

Inspections by appointment are becoming more popular than open inspections as tenants can be screened ahead of time to ensure that they are serious and trustworthy. Many property management businesses now have software which allows a tenant to book an inspection based on their own schedule and the property manager’s availability. The property manager is then provided with the prospective tenant’s name, phone number, email address and booking time.

While inspections by appointment are based on a single party registering for an inspection, your property manager may allow other interested parties to register for the same inspection time or choose to cap the number of people they show through the property for security reasons. If you have a tenant in place already it is important to respect their privacy as well and ensure that the transition of tenants is as smooth as possible.

You should choose an inspection method that best suits your needs. It is important to consider the privacy of your current tenant, the security of your property and the safety of your property manager when you decide which method is appropriate.

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